About Us

I moved to Chicago for the food.  Secondarily, my husband, a self-proclaimed food snob.  Together we spend our free time searching for the best restaurants, markets and recipes.  From the gourmet to the hole-in-the-wall, Chicago’s food diversity is well… amazing!  I love it all and want to share our favorite places with everyone.

And despite our love of dining in Chicago, we love to cook.  G thinks he’s the next top chef, and I his able-bodied sous chef.  So when we get the chance we venture to our favorite markets, grab some fresh fish and put together something new!

As for our posts… We want to be honest.  If there was something that just didn’t make sense to us, we’ll let you know.  But we do believe that each person has their own individualized palate and just because we didn’t care for something doesn’t mean that you won’t either.  So we hope everyone tries these restaurants and post back if they have an amazing dish that we just didn’t get to during our dinner!

For questions, comments or other general information, please e-mail us at info@chicagofare.com