BBQ Oysters!

As an homage to our trip to San Fran and the Napa Valley we created this meal of BBQ oysters, a halibut ceviche and a tomato/mozzarella salad.  In Napa we tried many oyster shooters, only to find that slippery slide of that poor fresh oyster down into my gullet made me feel bad.  That poor little slimy creature was going to die a horrible death inside my acidic tummy. So when we saw the first “BBQ OYSTERS” sign we stopped… immediately.  We then stopped three more times sampling at least three spots on HWY 1 all with differing BBQ sauces.   They’re amazing so when we had the first chance we took them to our grill!  🙂

BBQ Oysters on the Grill


2 responses to “BBQ Oysters!

  1. these oysters look scrumptious and your presentation is amazing!! 🙂 you gotta teach tom how to make these for me next time i’m there:)

  2. Those oysters sure look tantalizing, let me know next time u make them or anything else.

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