Nana Organic: A Mac & Cheese Obsession

I contend that Nana has the best Mac and Cheese in Chicago.  I think the term love or obsessed could also describe my feelings toward this truffled mac and cheese.  Well… at least for now.  I should remind you that I am quite fickle and therefore reserve the right to change my mind at any point opting out of any previously spoken words of love.  However, more than once I have woken up dreaming about Nana’s Mac & Cheese or for that matter, their sweet potato beignets or homemade chorizo…  And somehow it has become perfectly reasonable to order said mac n cheese at oh… say… 9:30 AM.  Despite the fact that I think the waiters have dubbed me as the weird girl that orders mac n cheese for breakfast, I will continue to do so until they say no, give me a stern look and send me on my way.  But regardless of whether you prefer mac and cheese for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  You can find many other dishes or drinks to satisfy your cravings at this inviting organic restaurant.

Tuffle Mac & Cheese

The Atmosphere:

Nana is a family run establishment located on the corner of Halsted and 33rd Street in the Bridgeport neighborhood with ample metered street parking and a bike valet the last Sunday of the month for those choosing a more eco-friendly ride to brunch. You can choose to sit outdoors under umbrellas admist an array of herbs being pruned for your meal or venture indoors to relax in the comfortable modern interior and admire the local artwork on the walls, while keeping an eye on the chef in the open kitchen.

The Food:

It’s local, sustainable organic American comfort food with a Latin flare that tastes good.  Real good.  Other than my favorite breakfast staple, the mac and cheese,  we’ve tried nearly every dish on the menu and have been completely content with our selections.  A few of our favorites are the perfectly fried chicken and waffles, the huevos rancheros with a fantastic poblano crema, or even the basic chicken sandwich.  We are especially fond of their housemade pork chorizo, which always seems so fresh, perfectly seasoned and just a little bit spicy.  The only disclaimer I will provide is that if you are interested in their biscuits and gravy, let me remind you that the gravy is made from duck fat. DUCK! If it is a traditional biscuits and SAUSAGE gravy taste you are looking for, you may find the flavors unexpected as my grandma, who accompanied us on our first trip to Nana, will tell you.  We’ve tried many specials and have always been pleasantly surprised, especially with their fantastic beignets.  We never pass on their beignets.

Nana Organic Fried Chicken Wings

Our Thoughts:

It’s my preferred brunch spot and the place I take all of our out of town guests. When my friend Leah visits Chicago, her one request is brunch at Nana.  I am a big fan of family run establishments that focus on quality organic ingredients that are affordable and accessible to the community in which they serve.   Nana continues to be one of my favorite spots to chillax over dinner, lunch or brunch with family and friends.

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