What’s New in Chicago

We kind of have a thing for Korean BBQ, kimchee and tacos… So when we heard Del Seoul was opening in the next few weeks we wanted to spread the news.  I think a contemporary Korean taco joint may be just what we need to get through this fall.

Who: The Jeon Family, Pete Jeon and sister, Irene Jeon

What: Street Food… Korean-style, i.e. soju-soy marinated beef short rib, red-pepper rubbed pork, garlic-soy marinated chicken and panko crusted shrimp with a sesame-chili sauce.  Not to mention, bibimbap, pork belly, kimchee fries, a take on the vietnamese sandwich the Banh Mi, and oh so much more…

Where: Lincoln Park | 2568 N Clark Street | Chicago Illinois 60614 |

When: Opens late September-ish  Hours: 11am-10pm Mon-Sat / 12pm-9pm Sun

Why Stop By: It’s a quick and casual dining spot with an innovative menu and an average dinner cost of $5-10


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