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What We Ate in Bilbao.

Shrimp and Vegetable Paella


What I Ate in San Sebastian. Yesterday.

When we planned our trip we had no idea Spain would win the Copa Mundial… Or that we would get stuck in a large separatist demonstration in Barcelona, as we were informed… Catalonia is NOT Spain.  The only thing we did plan was to eat well…  Here is what we had yesterday: Anchovies with Spider Crab Cream & Anchovies with giardineria!

Pintxos in San Sebastien, Spain



What I ate in Spain. Today.

Although our blog is thoughtfully titled, “ChicagoFare”   I would like to use this post to distribute a photo from our snack in Barcelona.  Pimientos De Padrón.  More to follow…

Padron Peppers, Spain

Pimientos de Padron